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Making his mark in the field of photography since 2016, Kuldeep Singh is like a phoenix-rising from the ashes! His name is growing as big as his persona; the young photographer gives his journey great credit for where he is today. He started his journey in the technical field, where he found his passion and love for Photography. His passion for creating art with a different perspective led him to expanding his horizons in this field and
giving back to the community whatever he had learnt. Today, he is known to create memorable artwork with his distinctive perspective and commendable use of electronic sensors that capture the travelling of lights.
Although, he possesses expertise in fashion and portrait photography, this self-made photographer has captured all types of artistic pieces. His awe-inspiring work can be seen with Brands like Lakmé, Jyo_closet, Akshita Dalal, Chotteylalsons, Nikita Kanwar, Pelldo, Dr. Abhinav Tripathi,
makeupbypriyasharma, makeupartistrybyshreya, akrutiakkisingh, saumya_somi, simran.kour.1447, ahanagoyall, noorbyaastha, vineetagujar, Innovision Brand Management Pvt. Ltd. and many more. Not only does Kuldeep Singh work with brands, but he has also shown his stalwart performance at more than 5 events, including some National events. To add another laurel in his list of merits, Kuldeep is a proud founder of an
event organization company “25 Hours Event Organization”, where he has organized several Events.
performance at more than 5 events,

Kuldeep Singh


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